so many paintings, so little time

About Ken Aptekar


I toy with paintings from the past by using the history of art as my playground. I time-travel beloved masterpieces into the present by some sly repainting joined to intimate and what I hope are witty texts. Here’s the idea: Paintings are nothing on their own, they start meaning something only when you start talking back to them. I divide my time between Paris and New York. You can see more about my work here.

  1. Thanks Ken, I’m now in touch with Mario de Valdes re Queen Charlotte. Charlottesville VA has many festivals (The Book, Film, The Photograph, Garden Week, etc.) . This year it’s the 250th anniversary of the city founding. I can visualize a giant banner reprint of the Ramsay painting hanging in the main pedestrian Mall each May 19 to honor this lady. She was 1 year younger than Thomas Jefferson, and would make an intersting counterpoint in a city where Jefferson is more than sufficiently glorified.

  2. Was your father Milton Aptekar, a choral music teacher at Cooley High in Detroit, Michigan in 1950. If so he was a favorite teacher of mine.
    Merrill F. Raber

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